Kelli Jo Isaak
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I love games! And who doesn't? Not only can they be addictive, they can also improve hand-eye coordination, and improve math, reading, and problem-solving skills. If you want to learn more about the positive aspects about video games, read this article.

I have always had an interest in video games since I was a little girl. I've played games on the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, the original PlayStation console, Playstation 2, and even Hexic on XBOX 360. The possibility of learning how to make games was one of the reasons I decided to switch my major from CAD to Programming & Application Development in the first place. Little did I know that programming solo is kind of a pain. I've created a few basic Flash games on my own, but I have also broken every single one while trying to add my own special features.

I'm hoping to one day start a game dev team of my own. We will mainly focus on HTML5 game development so that our games will work on all browsers and devices. I think Phaser will be our game development framework of choice; it is so much fun! And I was easily able to start modifying a couple of their games. Unfortunately, they also ended up broken. I started by making all of the graphics change color at startup, then I added my own, slightly larger graphics. The issues started up when I added Player explosions to Phaser's Invaders game, and also when I wrote the code to make the blocks descend in Phaser's Breakout clone. Aside from that, Phaser is really easy to understand and FUN to play with! If I can come up with a team to help me fix what I broke, I'd have a couple fun new additions to this site, as well as any new ones we create together.